Annabel Fidler


What I Do


The most professional and personal experience would be video and video editing. I have done freelance videography, helped with commercials and have my own creative videos. Editing with graphics is also another skill that I have acquired and adds a ore professional product in my videos.

Web Design

With web design I am able to create functional WordPress, Bootstrap, Responsive Design, and photo gallery templates to bring any website design successful.


Working with the Texas State Sports Information Department and writing in my blog Run To Eat, I have created my own content, as well as style for writing. Also, working in sports and blog writing, I can say that I am well versed in sports writing and creative writing.

About Me

My name is Annabel Fidler. I am a multimedia journalist, with a background in video/video editing and web design. I love making creative videos and learning about how to get better at coding. I hope to work in a professional sports organization doing video production or communications. I am also interested in going further in my coding career and possibly starting my own coding business. In my spare time I like to long distance run, take outdoors adventures, seek out the Austin music scene and work on my two stepping skills!

My Works



This website was created to showcase my hobby of shooting and editing video. I created this website through a Bootstrap template theme to showcase my hobby/career work. Building this website is an example for anyone who wants to show their hobby or interest. A Bootstrap theme like this is a great template and very functional to highlight a clean website.

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Video Feature

Blogger Entrepreneur

This is one story that I was able to cover for my Girls Live Loud website that also shows my video story telling skills. This video is about Christina Ochoa, a rising social media strategist entrepreneur. This is a soft news feature that has versatility and great b-roll.

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Girls Live Loud


I was able to create this website through WordPress using the Sydney theme to help create a website to start my own feature stories on ground-breaking women. The stories that I add to this website will not only share the narratives of interesting young women, but help promote them to be seen by others. These stories will also showcase a multimedia approach.

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Texas State Football Interview

Coach Withers

Here is just one example video interview of Coach Everett Wither for the Texas State University Football Team. I did most of the video interviews for the Texas State Football and Basketball press interviews as well incorporated graphic to the videos.

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Feature Release

Female Sports Reporters

This is one story I covered to help jump start my website that includes feature stories of young successful women who are passionate about their career. This story is about two aspiring female sports reporters who explain their background and what they would like to accomplish through reporting and breaking ground in the sports world.

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Press Release

Texas State Volleyball

I wrote this release while I was interning/working with Texas State's Sports Information Department. This is one of my first published sports pre-game stories. It is just one example piece of my writing and my portfolio will continue to grow while working in the sports field.

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